Install and Service Backup Generators

Reliable Backup Power for your Home or Office

As a Generac Authorized dealer, DHHS brings you peace of mind with a full line of reliable Generac products, backed by world-class service and support, to help ensure reliable operation for a lifetime. Whether you want and emergency power system to back-up your entire home or business, or just the most essential circuits, we have the solution.

What to expect when buying a generator from DHHS

1. Site visit – We come and gather information to properly size the generator for your home or office. We will make sure that there are no confliction of doors, windows or combustible structures in the way. At this stage we also will normally provide you with an estimate unless additional information is needed.

2. Permitting – The permitting process can be quick, or it may take several weeks depending on the county or municipality where the install is to occur. Once we have all the information from you it can take up to 5 weeks to get an approved permit back. Items we need you, as the owner, to supply is a copy of your site plan. Usually, you can find this with the paperwork from the title co. that did the closing on your house. If that cannot be found, we can draw a site plan of your property for the permit. Second you will need to sign and notarize a notice of commencement to be recorded at the county office. In order to avoid delaying the process, please locate your site plan upon approving the estimate.

3. Scheduling – Upon permit approval we will contact you to schedule a date for installation. By this time, we would have helped you get in contact with a local gas company (we work with many across the state) that will install and hook up the gas for you. We have you, as the owner, contract directly with the gas company because they will be the one servicing or refueling your tank. We will coordinate the install with the gas company, so they connect the gas promptly after we set and wire the generator.

4. Install Day – You, or an adult will need to be home. The crew will arrive in the morning and locate the placement of the generator on the site plan. They will verify that there are no confliction of doors, windows or combustible structures in the way. Once that is complete, they will go over the wiring with you, so you are aware of where there is going to be buried lines on your property. The power to the house will need to be interrupted for a few hours in order to install. If you are home the team will give you notice prior to shutting down the power so you may turn off sensitive electronics. The install process usually can be completed in one day, but some instances may require a second day. If a second day is needed, no worries, your power will be restored before we leave on the first day.

5. Orientation – After the install is completed, we will come out and go over, in detail, how the generator will work when there is a power outage. We will also answer any remaining questions you may have about the project, the generator, its maintenance, or operation.

6. Final Inspection – One final inspection is required on all generator installations and would be arranged by our office. The homeowner, or an adult, would have to be home to provide access for the inspector to complete their inspection.

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Repair and Warranty

DHHS is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support. Contact us with any product maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have. We are factory trained and certified to work on Generac generators.

Maintenance Support

To help ensure, trouble-free operation of your backup generator, DHHS also offers Maintenance Support Agreements in 1-, 2-, or 3-year increments. We can send you a Support Agreement through your customer portal. This allows us to schedule your annual maintenance in advance so we can set a friendly reminder for you. Our maintenance agreements are not pre-paid. Ask how we can lock in a three-year rate for you!

Owner’s Manuals

Have you misplaced the owner’s manual for your generator? Looking for more information about a particular GENERAC generator model? No worries – below are the links to the various manuals.