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The average yearly increase to consumers from utility companies in the U.S. is as much as 3.5% per year.  So, if your bill is $200 per month this year than you can expect it to be $207 next year.  That may not seem like much, but look at the accompanying chart to see how much this affects you in 25 years!

DHHS is a company that has a 25-year track record and will be there to stand behind the craftsmanship. Most companies out there that offer solar are only a few years old with no proven record over time.  Make sure the company you choose offers value, quality products and will stand with you if there is ever an issue in the future.  We offer solar packages with 25-year warranties.  This is just a sales pitch if the company you choose does not answer the phone next year.

The federal tax credit is 26% till end of 2022.
Take advantage now!

(This is an estimated value of $11,000 for most consumers)
There is currently no sales tax on the purchase of your home solar system!
There is a property tax exemption for solar installations. This means as a homeowner as this solar project increased your property value the property tax will not increase.


Average Yearly Increase to Consumers

  • Year 5 – $237.53
  • Year 10 – $282.09
  • Year 15 – $335.00
  • Year 20 – $397.85
  • Year 25 – $472.25

Our process

1. In home consultation to determine the energy requirements of your home, to include any future modifications you may have.  We want to size the system so you never have a bill from the utility company.  (The utility company will send a service fee usually $11 month). Other companies have fallen short here which will leave you paying the utility company if the system is undersized.

2. Our staff will set up and take care of all the engineering and permitting requirements.  This process can take between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the location.  Each permit office has their own process and some take longer than others.

3. Once the permit has been issued you will be notified by our office and we will schedule the installation.  The typical install will only take one day.

4. After the install, we will contact the county or local official to do the required on-site inspection.

5. Once the inspection is complete, we will contact the utility company (in some cases they require you as the owner to call). Iif so, we will walk you through the process.  This will set the utility company to change out the meter for your new solar.

6. After the solar is live and the utility company is done, we will return and go over the system with you.  At this point all you have to do is enjoy the savings and peace of mind.

We use a project management tool that you will be assigned a customer portal.  This allows you in real time to follow along the progress of the job from permitting to installation.  This is a communication tool that you can view from anywhere at any time.  It will have all the drawings permit documents photos schedule and much more.  And of course, you can always reach out to us at the office for and update.  The system does not replace us communicating with you in person or by phone it works in parallel.

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